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Spruce It Up Garden Centre - AnnualsAnnuals – April Showers Bring May Flowers…

The annuals season typically kicks off in mid-May with the arrival of traditional favourites to plant in your garden and containers. We carry a large selection of pre-planted containers and hanging baskets for instant fullness and colour with selections suitable from full shade to full sun. You’ll find reliable annuals that perform well each summer such as geraniums, impatiens, petunias, snapdragons and begonias in addition to more unusual choices.

We are able to custom design your planters – just ask!

As summer winds down into fall, pansies make a welcome return, along with decorative cabbage, kale and mums.


With a short growing season in Southern Alberta it is a good idea to start annual flowers and certain garden vegetables early. Giving the plants an extra few weeks of growing time allows them a good head start on the year.


Fill the containers almost to the brim with moistened soil. Smooth out and tamp down. Seeds should be planted no deeper than the thickness of the seed. Carefully set seeds on the surface of the media and then sift extra soil on top to cover them. If the seeds are tiny simply press them into the surface or you can mix them with sand to ensure even distribution. Once seed’s have been sown cover the entire tray with a plastic dome or plastic wrap to maintain a moist environment. When seeding into cell packs or individual containers sew 3 seeds per container, the extra seeds will act as insurance. Place tray in a warm spot and make sure the medium stays consistently moist until seedlings begin to emerge.


Plants react adversely to drastic change; in particular, decreases in temperature. Plants that have been grown in a controlled environment are tender and the risk of tissue damage from exposure to sudden temperature decreases is great. Gradual exposure is the key to success. For home owners the most practical method of acclimatization involves movement of plants outdoors for increasing periods of time. If purchasing plants before the recommended planting date (usually towards the end of May), plants will have to be moved outside during warm days and inside at night. During the second week place plants outside and leave outside at night if there is no chance of frost. Keep the plants well watered as they will dry out quickly.

For more detailed information, including specific start dates for some of the most popular annuals, please download our printable PDF.

Download Start Date PDF

Companions” are plants that are mutually beneficial to each other when planted together.

Allies” are plants that provide each other protection from harmful pests and/or improve the growth of other plants.

Enemies” are plants that can cause detrimental effects when planted near each other.

By using companion planting, many gardeners find that they can discourage harmful pests without losing the beneficial allies. There are many varieties of herbs, flowers, etc. that can be used for companion plants. Be open to experimenting and find what works best in your area. Some possibilities would be using certain plants as a border, backdrop or interplanting in your flower or vegetable beds where you have specific needs. Use plants that are native to your area so the insects you want to attract already know what to look for! Plants with open cup shaped flowers are the most popular with beneficial insects.

If you would like a detailed list of companion plants, please download our printable PDF.

Download Companion Plants PDF

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