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Trees and Shrubs – Woody Perennials

Potted Junipers for Spruce It Up Garden Centre - Trees & ShrubsTrees & shrubs add beauty and structure to your outdoor space.  There are many options which provide your yard with four season interest – spring blooms, shade in summer, a colourful splash in fall and an evergreen presence in winter. Spruce It Up carries a broad selection of prairie hardy deciduous trees, evergreens, and shrubs in sizes for every space and budget.  Our Plant Finder provides you with excellent choices to meet your needs.

We also carry large caliper trees for instant impact!  Delivery and installation is available for caliper trees, potted trees and shrubs and perennials.

New stock arrives in early May.  We are fully stocked by the 3rd week of May and continue to receive fresh product as needed throughout the summer and into the fall.

Warranty on Trees and Shrubs:

  • All sale priced plants will be credited for sale price only.
  • Replacement plants come with no guarantee.
  • Warranty does not cover damage due to weather, vandalism, negligence, animals or acts of God.

Caliper Trees (Burlap & Balled)

  • 1 year, if properly planted, fertilized and watered. Warranty does not include delivery or installation
  • Extended warranty (2 year total) available for trees that are purchased and installed by Spruce It Up Garden Centre. Includes removal of old tree and delivery and installation of a tree with the same dollar value. Extended warranty is available at time of purchase for an additional $99.

Potted Trees and Shrubs

  • 1 year, if properly planted, fertilized and watered.
  • 5 years, if Myke Trees and Shrubs Product is bought in appropriate quantities for the plant material purchased.
  • The plant and the Myke product MUST appear on the same receipt.


When to Plant Trees

Climate plays a deciding role when determining the appropriate planting time. Newly planted trees do best when exposed to moderate temperature and rainfall. They need time to root and acclimatize before the onset of intense heat and dryness of summer or the freezing temperatures of winter. Spring and fall, therefore, are generally the best planting seasons. In Calgary, however, tree planting can successfully be done from April to November.

Planting Calipers

Balled and burlapped (caliper) trees, although best planted as soon as possible, can be stored for some time after purchase as long as the ball is kept moist and the tree stored in a shady area. Caliper trees should always be lifted by the ball, never by the trunk. The burlap and basket surrounding the ball of earth should be pulled away from the trunk. Any string or twine should also be removed. Backfill soil (combinations of peat moss, composted manure, topsoil, etc.) is then placed in the hole surrounding the tree just to the height of the ball or slightly lower to allow for some settling. Be careful not to compress the back fill soil as this may prevent water from reaching the roots and the roots from expanding beyond the ball.

Planting Container Trees

Container trees can be stored for a brief period of time after purchase as long as the soil in the container is kept moist and the tree stored in a shady spot.

In the case of metal or plastic containers, remove the container completely. In the case of fiber containers, tear the sides away.

Once carefully removed from the container, check the roots. If they are tightly compressed or ‘potbound’, use your fingers or a blunt instrument (to minimize root tearing) to carefully tease the fine roots away from the tight mass and then spread the roots prior to planting. If the roots are extremely tight it will greatly beneficial to soak the rootball to rehydrate the tree.

Once the tree is seated in the hole, the original soil is back-filled into the hole to the level of the container. Again, remember not to overly compress the backfilled soil especially by tramping it with your feet. Compress gently using your hands instead. Using Myke for Trees and Shrubs, applied directly to the roots will help stimulate growth and get your tree off to a great start!

For detailed information about planting caliper and potted trees, please download our printable PDF.

Download Planting Trees PDF

Watering Newly Planted Trees

Watering newly planted trees correctly is very important in determining whether a new tree will survive. New trees have either lost a significant portion of their root system when harvested (caliper trees) or the root system was cut or damaged when planted (container trees). This means that the tree has fewer feeding roots to pull up water and feed the tree.

Initial Watering

Once you have planted your new tree the initial watering rehydrates the tree roots and supplies the surrounding soil with moisture. It also helps to remove air pockets from the soil which can dry out roots and help bring the roots and the soil particles into contact until the root system can recover and replace those lost roots.

How to Water

Give the tree enough water to meet its needs and nothing more. By keeping it a little on the dry side we encourage the roots of the tree to seek out moisture in the area outside the initial hole and establish its new root system. However it is important not to allow the soil to dry out completely as a new tree will not survive long because of an insufficient root system. Clay soil is heavy, so a hole dug in clay acts like a bowl that holds water. It is important to check that the soil is draining and drying a bit between watering cycles.

Where to Water

When watering new trees you want to water directly under the canopy and into the root ball. The area just outside the edges of the hole should be watered to encourage roots to grow out of the initial planting hole.

Watering Season

It is important to water throughout the growing season during dry periods. Usually in Calgary it makes sense to water from May through August. In September, if it is very hot and dry, some watering can be done in the first two weeks. However, the tree will need to shut down and get ready for the cold winter ahead. Stop watering in early to mid-September to allow the hardening-off process to take place. Once the leaves have come off in the fall, the tree is no longer using or taking up much water. It helps to deeply water in your trees towards the end of October, just before everything freezes up. This will ensure there is available water for the tree as soon as the soil starts to thaw again in the spring.

For detailed information about watering, please download our printable PDF.

Download Watering PDF

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